egg free dairy free chocolate cupcakes

Egg Free Chocolate Cupcakes

These have got to be the best no fail egg free chocolate cupcakes i have ever made. They can be dairy free as well as egg free if you like - just swap the milk

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Best Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Best Hot Cross Bun Recipe

This is the best hot cross bun recipe I have ever used and trust me I've tried many hot cross bun recipes. The key is to let your dough rise so your buns are nice and fluff. The bread improver is a good tip as well and i add this to nearly all my dough recipes.

I got sent this by a friend so I'm not 100% sure where the original recipe came from - the original recipe has been edited a bit by me until I found exactly the right consistency and got the dough mix soft and fluffy!

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How to Make Dairy Milk Yoghurt

This dairy milk yoghurt recipe makes a really thick, greek style, pot set yoghurt using using our mild yoghurt culture

Follow these directions carefully, using regular full cream, homogenised and pasteurised milk, add our Yoghurt Starter Culture, and you will have the best homemade yoghurt ever... no preservatives or additives.

Pour into your 150ml Top Spout Sinchies reusable pouches and you'll have the best yoghurt at a fraction of the price.

Low fat milk can also be used, although the yoghurt may not be as creamy and thick as the "full cream" version.


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White Chocolate Butterscotch Liquor Recipe

White Chocolate Butterscotch Liquor Recipe

A perfect Christmas gift, made with love and your time! A great gift for teachers, friends or family. Two things you can't put a price on - time and love. This white chocolate butterscotch liquor is absolutely devine and a perfect night cap with a few cubes of ice.

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Goji berry balls recipe

Goji Berry Balls

We love goji berries in this house as much as we love chia seeds and add them to whatever we can. My little ones daycare is nut free so i'm always trying to make up things that are healthy, nutritional and don't contain nuts.

A friend forwarded me a recipe for some nut free balls, but i didn't have pepitas or sunflower kernels so used what I had and these turned out perfectly. My little one devoured them which  I always love seeing.

I've portioned them out in our Snack bags so now i just need to grab a pack and add it to her lunchbox. So organised 😉

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Green Banana Thickshake Recipe

Green Banana Thick Shake

This Green Banana Thick shake recipe has been given to us by the lovely Shell from  "The Clean Lunchbox". The Clean Lunchbox is a great place to find amazing recipes for your weeks of lunchbox making - featuring autoimmune, paleo, vegan, dehydrating and fermenting recipes - 87 in total!

Check it out at

The Antioxidant blend can be bought from

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caramel jelly

Caramel Jelly

Oh my goodness me, how could i have not thought of making jelly with milk? This caramel jelly is absolutely to die for. It's not exactly the healthiest but it is the yummiest.

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egg free sugar free marshmallows

Egg free Sugar Free Marshmallow Recipe

Egg free, refined sugar free light and fluffy delicious marshmallows that are so quick and easy to make and have 4 ingredients. No numbers, colours or other additives - these are a hit with the kids! Water, honey, vanilla bean and gelatin - that's it!

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Creamy Fruity Dessert Pasta

Creamy fruity dessert pasta

Pasta as a dessert? Hell yes! This stuff is amazeballs, is filling - has two fruits and yoghurt and is loved by my little one.

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